Why Should I Use Landing Pages

In marketing landing pages are a powerful tool to help increase conversion of what you want. Marketing campaigns should be using landing pages for all inbound advertising campaigns you have. Your marketing might be promoting specific products, discount codes or segmented offers for specific users. You cant send all this traffic to the home page! It will muddy the information and branding you're trying to get across. These separate marketing messages should have their own pages for the very separate messages that they are getting across. 

The effectiveness of inbound marketing will vary depending on the source (email, PPC, organic, social, display banners, etc). Because of these different inbound marketing sources we need to apply the relevant experiences to try and maximise each funnel.

Segmented offers

Your business might want to offer different offers to different segments of your consumers. This could be messaging for abandoned carts, converting people who sign up but don't subscribe, offers for consumers who spends over a certain amount on your site, etc. The messaging of these needs to be handled very differently for each one. Having separate landing pages for these allows you to customize the look, feel and personalisation; and with that a greater chance of improving the conversion of the page if done correctly.

Multiple Products 

Many companies will want to have a spotlight on certain products. Having landing pages with more information and media to highlight why someone should use/buy the product is a very powerful in terms of conversion. On Kraken this is how we do our product pages (i.e. krakenservices.co.uk/services/marketing/conversion-rate-optimisation-cro/). This means we can use direct marketing for these services. 

This sort of advertising means you try to get your consumers through the funnel to the pages/page they want much more effectively. 

When Should I Use a Landing Page?

This is something we get asked when talking about landing pages with clients. We tell them to use landing pages for all inbound advertising campaigns they have.

So from the content above we understand that this is because you might be selling multiple products, have user segmentation set up and the home page would struggle to effectively message the different messages you are trying to get across. 

Traffic Source and Landing Pages

Understanding the traffic source will help you optimise what the landing page should need in terms of content. 

If someone comes from Twitter with the 140 character limit there understanding of what the product is will be slimmer than an email where you can get more information across. Because of this you can optimise the landing pages for these inbound marketing sources. From Twitter your landing page will need more information on the landing page to help support the lack of information you can give upfront from your tweet. 

These optimisations to your landing pages are to be designed to help people progress through the funnel. 

Another reason to do segmentation is to understand traffic going through your inbound marketing campaigns. Looking at which sources are performing the best. To look and see if if your landing pages need better optimisation. By getting this information you can better plan your PPC conversion and allocate your money appropriately. 

Whats Next?

Now you have a bit more of an understand why you would want to use landing pages have a look at our other articles for more landing page knowledge!

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