content marketing – how to do it!

In todays modern world we give names to everything. So we introduce “Content Marketing” a term that is pretty big in the marketing world right now. Which is marketing that focuses on using content to sell a product or service. This could be a video, blog, a social media post, etc. This shouldn’t be the only form of marketing you do but differently should be a part of your marketing/sales strategy.

With your content marketing you need to think it’s about a strategic marketing approach that is focused on you creating and distributing content (content needs to be valuable, relevant and consistent) to attract and retain your clearly defined audience. Using these to drive profitable consumer actions.

So rather than just pitching your service or product, you give content to prove that you can fix a potential customers issue and get them on board with problem solving that they believe you can offer.


So this happens in a cycle:

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Who are you trying to engage with and what content are you going to produce. Once you pick your content matter you need to think about what content type you will choose to get this matter across.

The different content types you can choose could be:

  • White paper and ebooks
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Guides
  • Q&A
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Editorials
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Live streams

What you pick will depend on the goals you set out for the content. Setting goals is super important as this will allow you to pick metrics to use trying to understand if the content marketing is a success or not.


Make the content you have chosen. Once the content is made, deploy it to the chosen platform. This is important as by making content and getting it put there you have taken a step that a lot people don’t do and step one step closer to the spoils of content marketing.


for distribution of your content there are 3 strategies for a successful content marketing. Each of these have trade-offs (customisation, reach and time commitment).

having your own site website

Businesses that have their own website have control of the customisation of the content they produce. Issues to think about there isn’t a natural base of visitors to leverage (like Youtube videos). To build a user base for a site you can create content for people to consume. If content is produced on a regular bases people hopefully will keep coming back and eventually turn into customers. Also creating specific content, you can gain value on SEO keywords to help get more traffic and hopefully customers.

guest post

A guest post is a blog post that you submit to go other people’s websites. A guest post often has a linkback to your own site. A guest post is great for low commitment in maintain the content and getting reach to people who your post can turn into customers. There is a limited level of customisation with this. As it is on someone else’s site. Also its not guaranteed that many people will use the link to go to your site. Post that allow link backs have SEO value so there is a bonus in that.


This includes email newsletters, white papers, podcasts, etc. This is about re-connecting with visitors to your site or social media. This is usually done through collecting customer emails. So once your content is out connect with your consumers.


This is using metrics to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Looking at engagement and conversion metrics. The metrics that you use would be set out before the campaign started. This is important as you need to understand what you want from the content you are producing. Is the content your producing for brand awareness, for a diversify user base or sales. These will have different conversion goals set to them purchase, engagement with the content, sharing of the content, etc.

Use the data gathered to hopefully better plan the next campaign. Looking to improve on all aspects from the planning phase to the distribution and the never ending cycle begins anew.

What Next?

Now you have read about content marketing how about reading up on local SEO!


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Creating Local Content

Creating local Content

If you have read our post about local seo from a few weeks ago then this is the next stage!


If you're looking to up your presence when searched on a local scale but don’t understand what content to produce or upload, then don’t worry, this post will give you a few ideas that you can take away and make a start with.

In the last post, local context was mentioned when creating content. What does this mean? 'Local Context Content' is content which is based on the local targeted area.

Images and Videos

Images are a great way to help build SEO if they are tagged properly. Add more ways for people to find you. The ALT text and adding of titles to images gives search engines data to read and get indexed (logged) into their systems. So taking images of your business and tagging it with the location for posts is ideal or a customer/event images and tag what is happening and where it is.

Video is less about the direct SEO value but the secondary results. This may sound weird but videos don’t directly give much SEO. What they offer is a way to communicate what the post is about. People like to engage in video content (read here). So having a video of an event or a customer and going through what you did is great. This engages users and will keep dwell time (how long they stay on the page) up, which is something that search engines like because they see it as people engaging with relevant content which is one of their markers for ranking sites.

Customer Stories

This could be for example a blog post about helping a customer, mentioning where they are from and what you did for them. This would bring in solid content about your business and the area you work in. This content would have key words of the area and services you offer.

Local Events

Talk about local events and build relationships with people by demonstrating that you have similar local beliefs and structure. This helps to break the barrier of the business to possible local customers.

Products and Services

Maybe you're launching a new product/service. This could be put in a contextual aimed at the local area. So maybe you’re a car mechanic based in Bridgwater and you take on someone to spray paint cars as a new service. You can set a page up for the new product and have the page include:

  • Name of the company based out of Bridgwater, Somerset
  • New service – Spray Painting

o   List of all the separate types of painting there are

  • Working on cars from the surrounding area (Taunton, Weston Super Mare, etc)
  • Back up with a video of a car being sprayed and images that have been tagged correctly.

Landing Pages

Look at what keywords you want to hit and produce pages that allow you to hit them. Using the idea of the mechanic shop again, we could say that we want to make sure we hit the town it's based in. So we can set a landing page for the mechanic with the title (example) Bridgwater Mechanics Specialist with the URL of



There are many ways to get that local content onto your site to help gain greater exposure on local search terms from search engines. Start using the tips from above and let us know how you get on with it. Don’t forget to measure the results. This can be done by simply asking people when they get in contact with you, ‘How did you find us?’, going through to looking at statistics on something like Google Analytics and search terms from Google Webmasters.

Now go forth and #letsGetKraken

Next steps

look at the landing page series


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