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Working With Local Businesses

Kraken has a lot of new websites coming out soon. Working with many customers from the local area (Wedmore, Bridgwater, Glastonbury to name a few). Businesses with different types of people in different areas of work.

This means we need to understand what people want from their web sites and go deeper to help them understand how to use a website as part of their business. It’s a great part of the job. When meeting with clients and them saying I need the web site to do XYZ and then breaking that down deeper to show other aspects they may not have thought of.

Giving them great web designs, built in a way that makes them easy to read from search engines and content to go with. Putting information and contact points in places that not only make sense but increase user engagement is what we do. Having all these go together and seeing businesses see the improvements we are making is great and makes us happy to help people and businesses.

So just wanted to say we have had a great few months and worked with great people to improve their online presence and footprint. We look forward to the next few months with a load of great web design projects to start.