Product Page Testing


Product Page Testing – Conversion Rate OptimisationInvest in your siteWhen talking to small ecommerce businesses about what they want to do with their site and marketing they usually want to do some content marketing and ads to push that content. Then I ask how is your product page performing? This is usually met with I … Continue reading Product Page Testing

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Platform Reliance


What is platform reliance?In this post I am going to explain what platform reliance is and how you need to be careful about doing it.In short platform reliance is when someone or business invests too much of what they do on a certain platform and need the platform to move forward.I will be looking more … Continue reading Platform Reliance

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Setting Marketing Goals


When setting marketing goals it can be difficult to know where to start. You want it all! More customers, more traffic, better SEO, grow your email list and you want it all now. The issue is your budget doesn’t allow you to achieve all these goals at once, this is why having a goal will … Continue reading Setting Marketing Goals

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content marketing – how to do it!


In todays modern world we give names to everything. So we introduce “Content Marketing” a term that is pretty big in the marketing world right now. Which is marketing that focuses on using content to sell a product or service. This could be a video, blog, a social media post, etc. This shouldn’t be the … Continue reading content marketing – how to do it!

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Creating Local Content


Creating local Content If you have read our post about local seo from a few weeks ago then this is the next stage! If not, then READ ABOUT LOCAL SEO HERE! If you’re looking to up your presence when searched on a local scale but don’t understand what content to produce or upload, then don’t … Continue reading Creating Local Content

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Local SEO Tips


Are you looking to optimise your business website for local searches but not sure where to start? When marketing your business online most people start with search. Kraken has helped many SMEs grown their reach through targeted SEO marketing strategies. We have come across so many local businesses that have been stung by experts giving … Continue reading Local SEO Tips

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What to do after converting?


A landing page post conversion strategySo someone completes the goal of the page (clicks the call to action). What happens now? Well first of a little dance and celebration that your landing page worked! Well done on making a sale, get a lead, etc.From here you can have thank you on the next page or … Continue reading What to do after converting?

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Landing Page Layouts Design


Layouts of landing pagesThere is a general layout to landing pages. Although from one to another there will be differences there is a basic universal design to get what you want from people (contact information, click through to products, etc). Use these design elements on your site as a guide when creating content. Remember a … Continue reading Landing Page Layouts Design

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Landing Pages A B Testing


A/B testing is an experiment testing two or more pages of the same page to see which page performs (converts) the best. Although its called A/B testing you can test as many pages as you like.You would be running A/B testing on these pages to further understand what elements on the page can be improved. … Continue reading Landing Pages A B Testing

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Why Should I Use Landing Pages


In marketing landing pages are a powerful tool to help increase conversion of what you want. Marketing campaigns should be using landing pages for all inbound advertising campaigns you have. Your marketing might be promoting specific products, discount codes or segmented offers for specific users. You cant send all this traffic to the home page! … Continue reading Why Should I Use Landing Pages

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