Kraken Conversion

What is Conversion?

Most people have an understanding of what conversion is but don’t understand that it can go towards any goal. By this I mean it doesn’t have to be a money transaction. So how do you apply conversion to everything and keep your main goal focus on what you need to achieve?

Strategies and Goals

Most businesses have set strategies which they try to use; social media strategies, marketing strategies, networking strategies and so on. All of these have separate goals which we want from different areas. For instance social media goals are for users to interact with the content which is being posted. So you can count conversion as clicks, comments, views etc. These interactions will sometimes be the full conversion goal if you’re a media consumption company like YouTube. But for many other companies will be a part of a smaller set of goals for the overarching goal (people buying products).

Whys this Important

Now that you have a better idea of how conversion can abstracted to different areas, what is your main conversion goal?

There are many websites which are ‘brochure sites’. This means you browse their products online and contact them for the sale. On sites like this the main conversion will be the public getting in contact with you, the seller. Now this is why I’m writing this post today – Too many times recently I have come across people who have forgotten what their site is for, making it look stunning but not allowing for the goals of the site to be completed. If you want to sell online without eCommerce then your primary objective is getting contact from consumers. Yes, you need the supporting imagery and break down(s) of your product which show people why they should buy the product from you. But if you don’t make it easy to contact you then all your effort has gone to waste. It’s like having a high street shop with a brilliant window display but the door is locked so no one can get to the products.

Sum it up Then

Hopefully you now understand that there are many different conversion types/goals. These goals will change from area to area but you must always remember your overarching goal!