What to do after converting?

A landing page post conversion strategy

So someone completes the goal of the page (clicks the call to action). What happens now? Well first of a little dance and celebration that your landing page worked! Well done on making a sale, get a lead, etc.

From here you can have thank you on the next page or email that is a blank canvas. This blank canvas gives you the chance to further extend you services and products. This shouldn’t be just a thank you notification but the user has already shown that they are into what you are selling, service you offer, etc. From the thank you confirmation you can tell the user what to do next!


Things to look at doing post conversion

  • Suggest buying other products that are similar
  • Follow on your social media outlets
  • Visit a webpage on your site that they might find interesting

You have the user on board so don’t waste the opportunity to keep them on board!

Now hopefully you have the more of an understanding of landing pages and how to use them in your marketing strategies. Go forth and prosper! or if you need a help get in contact and let do the work for you.